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1.  Spiral Binding – A spiral binding uses a continuous plastic coil which is wrapped through evenly spaced holes that have been punched into the individual pages and crimped at both ends. Spiral plastic coil binding is available in a range of colors and gauges to finish your project in style.
Because the pages turn easily, spiral binding is a good solution for training manuals, cookbooks, notebooks and calendars. When a spiral-bound book is open, it will lie flat. The pages will also open 360 degrees – folding cover to cover – leaving one page visible and reducing the desk or counter space needed. Spiral binding is great for mailing because it is durable and resists crushing.
2.  Wiro® – A sturdier alternative to the single plastic spiral is Wiro (Wire-o or double loop wire) binding. Unlike true looped spiral binding, it often has a narrow gauge wire “spine” running the length of the loops.
With this binding technique, double loops of wire fit into round or rectangular holes in the paper. The loops are crimped to hold the wire in place. Like a spiral plastic binding, wire binding allows a book to lay flat and can fold open cover to cover. wire binding lends a professional-looking finish to corporate reports, proposals, workbooks, calendars, booklets and manuals of all types and sizes.
3.  Saddle Stitching – Saddle stitching is one of the simplest and most widely-used binding techniques. Saddle stitched manuals are constructed when folded pages are placed over a “saddle” and then staples along the spine or fold line. This cost-effective style of binding is excellent for personalized manuals, booklets, brochures, newsletters, pamphlets, direct mailers and catalogs.
4. Cerlox – With cerlox binding, a half tube that has curved teeth fits through rectangular holes along the paper edge. The teeth bend behind the solid part of the tube, holding the sheets together.


Two More Favorites

  • Custom three-ring binders are another versatile option, and like cerlox binding, allow you to add pages at a later time.
  • A “permanent” solution is called perfect binding which is a form of adhesive binding. This binding is sometimes called a “soft cover,” which is similar to paperback book binding.
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