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Use this strategic planning worksheet to consider all of the ways you can effectively market your organization and communicate with your key stakeholders, customers and prospects. By first evaluating your current marketing activities (what works and what doesn’t), you will be able to identify gaps and being the planning and budgeting process to achieve your marketing and communications goals.

  1. Set your budget. It varies by company and industry, but a common marketing budget is 3-5% of total sales.
  2. Determine your marketing goals and objectives. Your objectives might be to increase sales by X amount, gain X number of new clients or increase membership by X percent, for example.
  3. Identify the strategies that support your goals. If your objective is to gain X number of new clients, one strategy may be a lead generation direct mail campaign. Other strategies you might pursue could be a donor appreciation special event or an email marketing campaign that will increase sales.
  4. Create a timetable. use your annual plan to schedule your marketing activities throughout the year. Some initiatives will be conducted multiple times a year. Work with your marketing services provider to create an action plan and production schedule for each campaign or activity.
  5. Estimate your costs. Earmark dollars for your key initiatives, budgeting for them on a monthly basis. Then, track your actual expenses against your budget.
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