Solopreneurs are great at their craft – it’s what makes them unique. They wear a minimum of seven hats to keep their business going – and sometimes one of
them has to be dropped. Most common is the marketing when business is running smoothly and there’s work. It’s when the work slows down that the trouble and stress sets in.

We’re here to take a hat off and let them focus on their craft so they can thrive.

Small Teams

When you’ve got a small team, often everyone pitches in and does a little bit of
this and that, even if it’s not in their field of expertise. While having your receptionist draw up a logo can work at the beginning, revisiting it (along with your website and other branding assets) to refine them can make a big difference with how well your brand succeeds.

Our team works with small teams as their CMO on demand to tie up the loose ends.


“It’s hard to write the label when you’re inside the jar.”

Having a fresh perspective or external brand manager looking after your interactive and print media can often lead to better consistency and stronger brand recognition.

From annual marketing campaigns, to conferences and events. Our team works with clients like MEC, Freeman Audio Visual, and Northwest Hydraulic Consultants.

Do you remember the reason you started your business?

We help you get back to the ‘why’.