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Green Marketing that is.

While different agencies and organizations offer various definitions of green marketing (sometimes called environmental marketing, or eco-marketing), we all generally agree that it is the marketing of products, services, and companies that promote the environment in some substantial way. Some definitions look for environmentally “safe” or “sustainable” production, while others seek to reduce a company’s “carbon footprint.”

One of the most well-recognized companies for green marketing is Starbucks. They have long been a promoter of sustainable coffee-growing practices, paying a premium price to encourage farmers to adopt more environmentally-friendly practices. Its Shared Planet initiative promotes environmental responsibility among its stores, employees, and customers.

Hands holding fresh bear garlicWant to walk your sustainable and eco-friendly talk?

The green movement has created a wave of eco-conscious consumers and new challenges for businesses to raise the bar in their efforts to green up their business practices. Whether a business is walking its eco-friendly talk is as important as the product in the mind of its consumer.

Eco-marketing is the practice of improving the ecology and economy of marketing through sustainable marketing and green back-end business practices, paperless, interactive and social media eco-marketing techniques, and the formation of partnerships with environmentally responsible, eco-conscious vendors.

What are some ways that End2End incorporates Green Marketing into their projects?

  • All of the paper we recommend for our printing projects are FSC Certified – ethically sourced pulp sources that have their forests managed in a sustainable way.
  • When a product goes offset, the inks are vegetable based
  • All our proofs, invoicing, document management and accept e-signatures instead of having our clients print the document, manually sign it just to send a picture or hard copy back to us.
  • Recycling as much as we can – if not upcycle.
  • Keep waste in mind when we are designing or coming up with concepts.
  • The majority of our technology is energy star approved.
  • We love having natural light and having the sunshine brighten our workspace or use LED fixtures when that isn’t an option on a rainy day.
  • We support local – all our suppliers and key partners to help serve our clients are based in Vancouver.
  • Making sure that our clients get what they need to fit their marketing needs. If it doesn’t make sense for them to have a full stationery package as an e-commerce store, then why would we suggest it?
  • We’ve taken the Pledge with the Burnaby Board of Trade. Our listing is currently being updated to reflect our new location, waiting to be approved.


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