Bryan CrockettPublic Affairs Consultant

Bryan Crockett is a Public Affairs Consultant at End2End Media.

Bryan is an organizer and strategist who helps campaigns and organize get the right message to the right people. His focus on utilizing the newest technologies and targeting techniques to hone and focus traditional campaigning makes him an effective and dynamic community organizer.

Bryan brings years of experience gleaned on a variety of campaigns at all levels of government — as well as campaigns organized by advocacy groups. He has also served as a Parliamentary Assistant and a Operations and Communications Assistant to a Liberal MP, focusing on community presence, maximizing value for constituents, and constant operational improvements.

Through effective training, data management, and retargeting, Bryan can help your campaign test its messaging in the field and get those messages to the right people. The most effective messages are often appeals to emotion with a call to action — the kind that Bryan can help craft and deploy to make your campaign meet its objectives.

Bryan volunteers extensively for Liberal parties and progressives. He currently serves as the Vice Chair, Communications of the Liberal Party of Canada’s Indigenous Peoples’ Commission.