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The team at End2End Media is excited to announce that we will be launching their first division, “Rover Scout Merch“.

Why you ask?

Simply put it’ll be easier on the team and seems pretty logical. Our lead designer is a passionate Scouter who firmly believes that no one gets a head without helping a few others out. In their free time, they designed a t-shirt originally named “Rover Red”. It was a simple concept, a little bit of grunge from playing outside, coupled with something shiny. The result was a shirt that basically explained almost everything that is a Rover Scout. Functional, bright and not what you expect at a first glance. A silk screen of water based ink to “stain” the shirt and then metallic overlays to highlight where dirty would be.


The first run was for 20 t-shirts. After a few images were passed around, the requests for more started to grow. Along with it came requests for other styles to represent the different sections in Scouting. These requests are coming in from all across Canada as well as internationally. It didn’t take long before the “Rover Red” turned into “Out in ScOUT” and a campaign to help No One Left Behind and The Brotherhood Fund.


Proceeds from the “Out in ScOUT” t-shirt campaign will be donated equally between No One Left Behind and The Brotherhood Fund.

  • The Brotherhood fund: In the projects assisted by Scouting organizations, groups of Scouts in developing countries identify and carry out projects to improve their lives and their communities.
  • No One Left Behind: No One Left Behind (NOLB) helps to ensure, through fee subsidization, that every child has an opportunity to experience a local Scouts Canada program.

End2End Media is proud to be supporting this venture and looks forward to everything that comes with it. For more information on what’s available or new with Rover Scout Merch, please visit:

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