Bryan CrockettConsultant

Bryan Crockett is a consultant at End2End Media.

Bryan Crockett is a political organizer who provides political and digital services to political organizations, campaigns, nonprofits, individuals, and businesses. Bryan brings years of experience gleaned on a variety of campaigns at all levels of government, as well as campaigns by advocacy groups. Specialising in training, voter identification, micro-targeting and data management, Bryan truly understand the need to combine new technology with the advantage of human interaction. He recognizes the importance of establishing an emotional connection between candidates and elector.

Bryan is tremendously proud to be Métis, and aims to learn more about his heritage through community involvement and his studies. He believes in electing progressive, innovative voices who will move our country forward.

Bryan’s skills have been honed by countless internal party and intra-organizational elections. For his time on riding associations, local, and internal party campaigns, Bryan was recognized by the Liberal Party of Canada in Nanaimo-Cowichan as Volunteer of the Year for 2012-2013. Bryan has served the party through volunteer roles on riding associations and party commissions at the regional and national level.

Bryan has been a Scout for over 10 years, and has led a number of leadership training programs, conferences, seminars, and multi-day events with regular attendance of over 700 people. In Scouts Canada, Bryan has held multiple positions from front-end program leader, to higher level administrative positions. Bryan was awarded the Queen’s Venturer Award, the highest award available for youth in Scouts Canada. He has also been recognized with certificates of commendation and other honours.

Bryan is a Nationbuilder Certified Expert, and a Liberalist (NGP VAN) Champion.

Bryan attends courses online at Thompson Rivers University, and lives in Ottawa, ON, and when he’s not campaigning, he spends his time playing with his cats, playing video games, learning design, or playing board games.